Who Make The Best Agile Coaches?

liberatarianI was talking to an Agile coach over dinner last night and found his insights on Agile to be quite significant. I always love finding people with different and profound Agile knowledge. It is even more fun when you are having dinner with them.

He was so smart finally I had to ask, “So, have you read F. A. Hayek?”

“Well, I am a Libertarian.” He replied. “So, yes.”

I am finding the correlation coefficient between Libertarians and exceptional Agile coaches is quite high–high enough that it might be interesting to recruit Agile coaches specifically from Libertarian sources (think targeted ads on Facebook to people who identify as Libertarian).

I suspect it is easier to make a studied and well read Libertarian a better Agile coach than almost anyone else.


Libertarians are way more likely to have studied and understand:

  1. The errors of central planning.
  2. The risks of bureaucratic control.
  3. The insights of Hayek on transparency and honest signals.
  4. The true power of variation and competition.

In addition, studied Libertarians have a profound appreciation for the wisdom found in the collective unconscious choices of the group. They study the power of feedback systems and selection pressure to drive outcomes far superior to central planning.

If you don’t understand what I just wrote and you want to be a profoundly better Agile coach, then start reading everything written by Hayek.

Perhaps the single best book ever written on Agile software development is Hayek’s The Fatal Conceit. Of course… you have to make a lot of the connections yourself.

If you don’t get what Hayek is saying in the first read, then read  it again, and then read another of his books, and then read that again. Keep reading until you acquire understanding. He really is describing how the world really works.

I find I am recommending less and less “Agile books” for those interested in truly understanding Agile. Now I am simply recommending the best books I can on reality.

Agile is about how the world really works. Not how you wished it worked.

Agile is about how you truly obtain productivity and prosperity. Not how most people think it is obtained.

Agile is about Hayek. Or, at least, Hayek is about Agile.

We can talk about it over dinner sometime.

~ Tom

By Tom (Thomas) Meloche – www.TomMeloche.com

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