What Else Should I Radiate?

“What other items might a Program radiate in the common workspace?”

radiateA Program is a collection of related work which is best managed as a unit. A Program is usually created when the amount of work being managed is larger than a few Scrum teams.

Since programs frequently occur in large companies, we find that the User Stories and Tasks are often managed in a tool and are not radiated by the Scrum Teams.  

A question which frequently arises is “What other items might a Program radiate in the common workspace?”

Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Mission and Vision*

A clear statement of the Mission and Vision for the entire program and for each workstream within the program. A workstream is a backlog of user stories which is managed and prioritized independently of other backlogs.


  1. Release Plans as Timelines with Key Dates*

Radiate the timeline for each workstream’s Release Plan.  Have the various plans displayed on the same wall, one over the other, sharing a common timeframe. Note dependencies between timelines, external dependencies, and critical dates/milestones.


  1. Impediments and Issues

Radiate any impediments discovered or issues raised. Highlight impediments and issues that are not resolved within a set period of time with red dots or other visible indicators. Note on each impediment or issue the date it is posted.


  1. Burnup and Burndown Charts*

Radiate the Release Burnup chart and the Iteration Burndown Chart for each Workstream. During the iteration adjust the chart by hand.


  1. Architecture Diagrams*

Radiate the foundational architectural diagrams used to direct development for each workstream.


  1. Business Workflow Diagrams*

Radiate the foundational business workflow diagrams used to find User Stories for each workstream.


  1. Team Members and Stakeholders

Radiate all the team members and stakeholders. Include in the display their official roles and pictures. Include the location/time zone where they work.


  1. Glossary and Acronyms

Radiate the common terms and acronyms used in the program along with their definitions.


  1. Injects and Change Requests

Radiate any injects and change requests that have occurred during the current iteration.


  1. Program Budget Spent

Radiate program budget spent. This is easily understood when displayed as a simple thermometer.


  1. Radiate Time Zones

Radiate the zones where team members work as a series of clocks set to each time zone.


  1. Stories per Workstream

If you have written the stories appropriately, as user stories instead of tasks, then it is probably still valuable to radiate the stories together in a Scrum of Scrums fashion.

Of course, you should radiate these items whether or not you are using a tool to track User Stories and Tasks.

*Radiate these in a Large Size using a plotter printer.

By Tom (Thomas) Meloche – www.TomMeloche.com

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