This is reason #44 you will fail at Agile


#44 Your Executives are not “Hands-On” in Transitioning to Agile

Agile is corporate transformation. It requires the entire enterprise think differently about how work is structured, assigned, measured, and evaluated. Agile is not “yet another software tool or project management practice.”

Embrace enterprise agility, and rethink everything: how you plan, fund, staff, house, execute, measure, and deploy new products and services. Every part of your organization needs to rethink and adapt to facilitate agility.

This is precisely why you will fail so spectacularly without “hands-on” executive support. Too many areas have to change and that change cannot and will not happen without true leadership.

Becoming Agile requires every person in your enterprise to develop new agile habits and behaviors. We mean everybody: accounting, facilities, human resources, legal, marketing, sales, software development, and even janitorial.

If your executives are not “hands-on” and “knee-deep” into learning what it really takes to be agile then you really have no chance of making the transition.

This is reason #44 you will fail at agile.

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