This is reason #23 you will fail at Agile


#23 Your Culture is Incompatible with Transparency

You have a large portfolio of hundreds and hundreds of software development projects over multiple years and you publicly declare that they are all delivering the original scope within a few percent of the original budget.  Reality simply doesn’t work this way.

You are managing hundreds of projects and everything is going really really well on all of the projects? Dude, we’ve got your number, you’ve trained an entire organization how to effectively cook the books.

Hiding the truth and agile never go together.

In order to justify the investment of time and energy in agile we need to be able to demonstrate a real change to all of the stakeholders. However, if you’ve been sandbagging the stakeholders for years and years telling them everything is great, well, justifying the investment in agile may be a bit tricky.

It is hard to compare apples to apples when all of the apples you’ve been talking about for years are really pears, or bananas, or something. Real software estimates are estimates. Agile teams are transparent and honest. To meet budget they float scope. To meet scope they float budget. An honest team will never report that they can meet original estimates and scope commitments time after time on project after project. Why?

Because reality doesn’t work that way, and agile teams only report reality.

Agile teams are about “taking input from reality, and responding to it. ” (Kent Beck) To deliver software successfully we always float scope, budget, AND staffing–the only thing agile teams don’t float is quality.

Reason #27 You will fail at agile? You have created a fundamentally dishonest organization that is incompatible with transparency.

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