This is reason #11 you will fail at Agile


#11 You Provide Cash Bonuses According to a Formula Nobody Understands.

This problem is so significant that if it is occurring you have really no hope. You might as well post a sign that says “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Bonuses are king. The last thing you ever want to do is get between and employee and their bonus. Strike that, it is the second to last thing, the last thing is to get between an executive and their bonus.

If the bonus calculation is reminiscent of a Wall Street derivative then you will never successfully implement agile. Why? Because agile is all about transparency. Being agile shines a bright light into every dark corner of your organization. If people are making good money in dark corners then they simply will not allow you to do what needs to be done to be truly agile.

You make a lot of money from opaqueness and complexity, so it is no surprise you don’t want transparency and simplicity. Hell, we wouldn’t either if we were you, and this is reason #11 you will fail at agile.

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