tom-meloche-presentingKeynote Presentations and Workshops with Bestselling Author, Agile Executive Coach & Facebook Advertising Expert, Tom Meloche

Tom Meloche founded the world famous agile software house Menlo Innovations Inc. which was the basis for the best selling book Joy Inc.—How we built a workplace people love. Business guru Tom Peters begged his followers to read this book and apply its principles. Mr. Meloche teaches the true secret of Menlo style productivity and joy—ceremony. He is a leading expert on how to use ceremony to improve quality, increase agility, and foster human joy.

Tom also authored Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising published by Entrepreneur Press. A direct response marketer and advertiser Tom leverages this knowledge to build dramatically better products and services. He regularly consults with companies and executives on how to deploy, measure, and scale direct marketing feedback practices enterprise wide. Tom has been creating, teaching, and implementing agile and lean techniques for over two decades, is a sought after executive coach, and co-author of the best agile business, executive, and team training on the planet.

Tom Meloche’s audiences enjoy his high content presentations and immersion focused workshops.


Agile For Everyone Else

Core agile principles to apply everywhere

Would you like to boost productivity 400 to 800 percent? Would you love to create innovative new products that dominate your marketplace? Would you like to create a workplace employees love? Would you love to do all of these simultaneously? For two decades agile principles have delivered amazing outcomes to ambitious software teams—dramatically boosting productivity while increasing human joy. Learn how to achieve these results across your entire enterprise.

Modern challenges we face are amplified by massive complexity and unrelenting change. Our primary weapons to face these challenges are our human brains, which are highly biased and error-prone. Agile overcomes all of these obstacles through:

  • Continuously correcting using feedback.
  • Speeding delivery through focus.
  • Simplifying management with tribes.
  • Fostering quality through ceremony.
  • Scaling agility via isolation interfaces.

Learn what these techniques are, why they work, and how to apply them yourself. Also discover the five most common mistakes people make trying to become agile. Leave with a profound understanding of the elements and next steps required to begin to unleash Agile for everyone else!


Ceremony—Agile’s Forgotten Secret

How to Create a Workplace People Love

Would you rather buy a car built by people who love coming to work or by people who dread it? We inherently know we want people making our stuff to love their work. We know if they love what they are doing they do it better. Tom, co-founder of the business featured in the best selling book Joy Inc.— How we built a workplace people love will tell you the true secret to fostering a love of work—ceremonial entrainment.

Learn how to create a workplace people love by studying an innovation that helped save the free world—ceremony. Tom teaches when you need ceremony, why, and how to create it. You also learn how ceremony creates joy. Take away fifteen ceremonial elements you can start using today to increase productivity, improve quality, and create joy. Also, discover the single most powerful diagnostic to determine if you are creating good ceremony or dead ritual. Get ceremony wrong, and you create a blunder like one that haunts us all to this day. Get ceremony right, and you too may help save the world.


Every Executive’s First Question

Five Essential Agile Metrics

The first question every executive asks about agile is “What are the metrics?” Dozens of agile metrics have been proposed, most are bad, some are aweful. Tom teaches you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Along the way learn the five metrics you actually need and why. The five key agile metrics you actually want will keep your executives happy and, more importantly, you can actually use them to help your organization become agile.

No matter what part of your organization is increasing its agility—sales, marketing, customer service, strategic planning, product development, accounting, delivery, or operations—the same core metrics can help move them forward. Explore examples across all of these groups and leave with a profound understanding of why it is essential to have very few highly focused agile metrics.

Leave this session with the fundamental tools required to measure and understand the effectiveness of your agile initiatives.


Facebook Game Changers

Facebook has radically raised the game in on-line advertising. In the past year alone they have single-handedly reinvented the world of digital advertising. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to grow your business and increase your sales.

There is a good reason Facebook stock has risen so high in the past year, investors know an amazing secret—Facebook has cracked the mobile advertising code and created a dramatically innovative new way for you to reach customers. Facebook is now a game changer. Everything you thought you knew about digital advertising is obsolete. Discover what changed, why, and how to take advantage of the new mobile web.

Discover How To:

  • Double your website traffic for as little as $2 a day.
  • Increase sales as much of 30% with 15 minutes of work.
  • Automatically follow-up customers with targeted and precisely timed offers.
  • Squeeze up to 300% more revenue out of existing email and phone lists.
  • Get US clicks for as little as 2-cents each.
  • Turn website visitors into long-term prospects.


Jet Fuel for Lean Startups, Crowd Sourcing, & Agile

Facebook advertising is jet fuel for Lean Startups, Crowd Sourcing, and Agile. In the past year alone Facebook has single-handedly reinvented the world of digital advertising and it all directly benefits the startup and innovation community. For very little money it is possible to get ideas in front of large groups of people to test their response. Facebook is innovation on steroids. In this presentation learn how to specifically leverage the Facebook advertising world when creating and launching innovative new products and services.

Discover How To:

  • Find customers.
  • Rapidly split-test messages.
  • Easily follow-up users for additional insights and sales.
  • Double crowd sourcing revenues.
  • Get affordable clicks.
  • Build instant credibility for even crazy ideas.


Facebook for Non-Profits

I have a passion for small non-profits seeking to change the world, serve their community, or simply have fun. Facebook is a great location for education, advocacy, community, awareness, and reform, as well as fan groups, theater, arts, and hundreds of more social and creative outlets. Discover how to leverage Facebook to outreach to your members and transform your community.


  • Find those who share your passion or interests for very little money.
  • Discover the power of hyper-local targeting.
  • Dramatically increase your ability to get messages in front of existing members.
  • Learn how to win local elections without spending a fortune.
  • Get your members back to your website for as little as 2-cents a click.
  • Rapidly get the word out about new offerings, initiatives, or opportunities.


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