Agility Workshops

Agility and Change Discovery Day Workshop (1 day)

An introduction to the topic of agility and change in context of the modern business world, continual unrelenting change. Learn the foundations for achieving true agility, including fundamentals most transformations miss.

Product Owner Workshop (2 days)

Seven secrets to turning customer stories into superior professional backlogs.

Scrum Team Workshop (1 day)

Build upon the output of the Product Owner training by applying core Scrum activities to the backlog. In addition learn by experience through implementing the Scrum ceremonies in multiple very-short iterations.

Agile Basics Workshops (2 days)

Provide executives and managers with the fundamental understanding of Agile concepts essential for them to support their teams. Creates a shared team understanding of the practice of Agile, this course is also a powerful aid in the preparation for scrum master certification.

Agility Programs

Agile Foundations Program (6 week series)

Support the Product Owners and Scrum Teams by providing them with additional tools and techniques for managing the day-to-day agile challenges. A great program to keep positive forward momentum in your agile transformation.

Affordable Agile Coaching Program (46 week series)

A comprehensive learning and coaching program to continually advance agile teams. Reinforces core agile concepts, builds new agile competencies, and provides timely answers to agile questions.

One-on-one Agile Coaching Program (weekly coaching)

One-on-one agile coaching supports the champions and enthusiasts in applying core concepts. Coaching time is customized to support the individual and includes visioning, goal setting, artifact reviews, and directed Q&A.

Workplace Improvement Program (1 year)

A revolutionary agility change management program for front-line and middle managers. Participants learn and practice coaching, mentoring, and feedback in the context of a self-selected workplace improvement initiative. The program delivers increased agility and sustainable improvements, with a positive ROI.

A uniquely structured program which truly delivers:

  • Positive and measurable ROI
  • Successful coaching and mentoring skills
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Deep knowledge of critical lean and agile organization improvement topics
  • Measurable workplace improvement

“After many years of being in the training and development arena, I was tired of seeing programs that simply didn’t work – so I invested a year researching as many programs as I could find and noting what did work, what didn’t work…  Then invested another year building and testing a program that included everything that worked – and found ways to mitigate or transform what didn’t…  This innovative, positive ROI program is the result.

Leigh St John, Peer Mentor Training Founder & Developer

Ceremony and Metrics Programs

Ceremony Development Program

Ceremony is a purposeful structured social interaction to complete an element of work, requiring sacrifice and rewarding the participants with positive emotional energy.

GuaranteeAlmost every activity humans undertake can be improved using ceremony—delivering value faster, better, and less expensively. Humans have a natural cognitive bias toward ceremony—it provides them with contentment and joy. So ceremonial based organizations dramatically improve customer and employee satisfaction.

In this program you practice unleashing the power of ceremony in your organization in small, incremental, and risk-free steps. A fast, flexible, and highly affordable program with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Metrics Discovery Program

Large organizations live and die by the metrics they establish. Metrics drive bonuses, rewards, and punishments and impact all organizational behaviors.  Every time we work with a new group of executives we always hear the metrics question:

What new metrics do we need to support this change?

It is a loaded question. Metrics have extensive power to drive behavior. Metrics have the power to create and destroy change initiatives. Metrics have the power to make good people do very bad things.  In this program we uncover the core metrics required to make every change initiative a true success.