influencerIf you really want change, it is essential that you master multiple influence strategies to facilitate the change. We usually only think of two tools to influence others: training and rewards. However, the Influence Model describes six different influence strategies. According to VitalSmarts, if you use all six your chance of a successful change increases by as much as 10-fold.

Many creative ideas we seek to implement fail not because the idea is wrong, but because we have failed to influence others to change.

We are not using the right tools to change human behavior. If, for example, we are trying to demonstrate more agility we need to:

  1. Identify impediments to agility
  2. Discover what influencers are required to get the right behavior
  3. Remove the anti-agility influencers
  4. Implement the pro-agility influencers

This is very hard to do if we don’t even know what the influencers are.

Training in the influencers model is necessary to influence our workforce and to explain our solutions and approaches to others. Revisit this essential topic any time you want to foster change.

VitalSmarts offers a 2-day course on the Influencer model. They also have a book on the topic called “Influencer” which complements an earlier book called “Crucial Conversations”—read them both.

If you are embracing enterprise transformation nothing is more important than your ability to influence.

By Tom (Thomas) Meloche –

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