If you attend a presentation and the speaker begins by saying “I am wrong a lot about almost everything,” then you are listening to a humilitant.  Aretae’s philosophy of Humilitancy is a game changer for those seeking a powerful new lens to examine systems, life, and knowledge.

“What is Humilitancy? A philosophy of deep humility

  • I am wrong a lot
  • Time changes things
  • Prevention won’t solve this

I need a best guess in order to function, BUT I must take the chances of being wrong very seriously.”

It is very useful to talk about being wrong a lot when discussing ceremony. It is why we continually evaluate ceremony for wrongness using the three questions.

1. Is the ceremony accomplishing a purpose?
2. Is the ceremony worth the sacrifice?
3. Do I receive positive emotional energy from the ceremony?

These questions are asked as humilitants, open to the idea our ceremonies are not working as well as they could. We could accomplish more, sacrifice less, and be even more energized.  A humilitant mindset enables us to improve. It challenges us to be aware of the potential benefits from real change. The core benefit, to be less wrong.

There are two ways you can reliably takeoff a B-17 without crashing. The most common advice in best-selling business books is to hire the best and the smartest pilots in the world and trust them to know how all of the switches need to be set. Only hire A-player pilots…
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