Humilitancy (Lions & Tigers & Bears)


Why does modern life seem to be getting harder, not easier?

Modern life is getting harder because we find our world being devoured by lions, and tigers, and bears.

  • Complexity Lions: The problems we are trying to solve are wickedly complex and we manage this complexity mostly by overextending our intuition, which is mostly wrong.
  • Change Tigers: Traditional ways of successfully making a living are rapidly disappearing under the innovation unleashed by massive and unrelenting technological change.
  • Human Nature Bears: We cannot solve modern problems by relying on people’s natural cognitive responses. The conscious mind was designed to win arguments, and to survive, not be rational.

The world is wickedly complex, changing at lighting speed, and populated by humans whose brains are better designed for winning arguments than discovering better solutions.

What do we do? Start by becoming a humilitant.

Aretae’s philosophy of Humilitancy is a game changer for those seeking a powerful new lens to examine systems, life, and knowledge. “Humilitancy is a philosophy of deep humility:

  • I am wrong a lot
  • Time changes things
  • Prevention won’t solve this

I need a best guess in order to function, BUT I must take the chances of being wrong very seriously.”

It is useful to realize we are all wrong a lot when discussing actions, beliefs, and choices. It is useful to realize we may be wrong now even though we were once right. It is useful to realize there is no way to escape our fundamental state of wrongness. It is our natural condition.

The humilitant mindset enables us to improve by challenging us to build systems which account for wrongness. Wrongness becomes a lens through which we view all systems, knowledge, and decisions. The humilitant mindset takes very seriously the lion, the tiger, and the bear.

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