In the not so distant past all of our ancestors lived ceremonial lives. We propose a bold statement, the ceremonial forms you are already familiar with in weddings, funerals, civic functions, sporting events, families, and religious services are actually patterns for building dramatically more productive businesses and measurably more fulfilling lives.

We invite you to explore the world of ceremony with us. We hope you will find it as exciting and fulfilling as we do. -Tom and Kyle

Downloads From The Book

The following resources are provided to support your study of Ceremony.

Announcement Ceremony

B17 Checklist

Elements of Ceremony

Exercises (coming soon)

Heartbeat Ceremony

Ceremony Blog Posts

Before the book, there was the blog. These blog posts focus on a single ceremony thought or idea which became one or more chapters in the book. Although you may read the whole series easily in one sitting, I strongly encourage you to come back and revisit them later one at a time.

The Power of Ceremony

A World at War

Ceremony Defined

Ceremony has Purpose

Ceremony is Structured

Ceremony is Social

Ceremony Requires Sacrifice

Ceremony Delivers Positive Emotional Energy

Ceremony Evolves

In Ceremony We Trust