Ceremony Released Today on Kindle

Today is the official launch of my new book Ceremony. There is nothing like a deadline to get work done. Thanks Dr. Rob Pasick for providing such a great deadline, speaking at Leaders Connect at 7am.

The price is currently set at 99 cents for Leaders Connect members. Order today to get it at the special price!

There are two ways you can reliably takeoff a B-17 without crashing. The most common advice in best-selling business books is to hire the best and the smartest pilots in the world and trust them to know how all of the switches need to be set. Only hire A-player pilots…
Ceremony is not process documentation. It is not a checklist, not a document, not a report. Did you ever receive a giant binder full of documented processes and procedures to follow? Perhaps ones which are audited by a Program Management Office? Ceremony is not that either. Ceremony is not a…

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