Ceremony is Not a Checklist

Ceremony is not process documentation.

It is not a checklist,
not a document,
not a report.

Did you ever receive a giant binder full of documented processes and procedures to follow? Perhaps ones which are audited by a Program Management Office? Ceremony is not that either.

Ceremony is not a binder full of unused processes,
covered in dust,
sitting unused on the shelf.

Ceremony is not a religion,
or a philosophy,
or a state of mind.

Ceremony is not profound,
or even exceptional.

Ceremony has been around as long as civilization, it may even define it.

Ceremony doesn’t even need to be understood,
by those preforming it,
for it to be effective.

Ceremony is a lens.

A lens to view all human social interactions.

A lens every manager,
and leader should understand.

And one they should master.

All cooperative human work,
reduces to ceremony.

Which may be good ceremony,
or ceremony bad.

Good ceremony creates
productive work,
and positive emotional energy.

Good ceremony creates
activity reinforcing,
emotionally addicting,
self-replicating process.

Good ceremony,
to real organizational change.

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