Agile Ascending

November 14, 2017 admin 0

Previously we told the story of a big organization executing a Bureaucrat process to create a new innovative product. Their process included tens of millions […]

A picture of the complete works of shakespeare

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

November 13, 2017 admin 0

Organizations both large and small are keenly aware of the challenges created by wickedly complex problems and the accelerated rate of technological change. Our largest […]

Bureaucrat: How Startups Scale

August 31, 2017 admin 0

As small organizations grow they discover a terrifying new reality. Five uncoordinated heroes doing whatever it takes to get things done can be exhilarating. Five […]

Hero: The Startup Process Model

August 30, 2017 admin 0

Virtually every organization initially leverages the same process to get off the ground. The process is simple: “Get-er-Done” Find people with passion, motivation, years of […]

4  ̴  Ceremony has Purpose

February 21, 2017 admin 0

Purpose: useful reason for which something is done. We create ceremony to fulfill a purpose. The purpose of the Announcement Ceremony is to communicate information […]

No Boring Subjects

August 11, 2016 admin 0

When you have intellectual skin in the game even “boring topics” become interesting. I have noticed repeatedly over my life that the more personal time […]