Apples Don’t Fall Up – Fundamental Principles

apple-191004_960_720-300x264What are the fundamental principles guiding what we are doing?

Here is the thing, apples don’t fall up.

If I walk into your office and you begin to tell me how, in your business, you make money “because apples fall up” then I know, really fast, we have a problem.

It was not rocket science to diagnose your problem. The problem hits me on the head like an apple falling from a tree. BONK.

Here is the rub. If you believe “apples fall up” it is almost impossible for me to really help you until we rebuild some to all of your understanding of the entire universe from the ground up. It turns out, it is not easy to explain new fundamental principles to adults.

“Apples fall down, not up.”

“How does it work?”

“All mass bends space-time, and the bend in space-time attracts items to each other.”

“But how does it really work?”

“Well, nobody really knows.”

“Perhaps where you worked apples fall down. But here at XYZ Corp apples fall up.”

This is why so many agile coaches require therapy. When adults have fundamental principles of reality wrong, it makes them almost impossible to talk to about subjects involving those principles. People simply cannot hear anything the coach may say. They map all of the coach’s words, advice, and answers into their world of weightless apples. It is a mess.

Unless you are amazingly teachable, having a fundamentally flawed map of the universe is where you will likely remain forever.

About one in a thousand people I meet are amazingly teachable… and that may just be a function of catching them at the right time, like after a major disaster where they may be inclined to believe they are wrong.

This is why the humilitant position is so essential to personal growth. The humilitant position is:

I am wrong a lot about almost everything.

Of course, even the humilitant doesn’t really believe this, but if they state it out loud enough other people feel freer to challenge the humilitant’s positions.

When it comes to understand the universe, business or otherwise, most people do not start at a principled approach. They do not try to understand the general rules which appear to govern everything—the laws of gravity for business. However, if you do look for these principles, you will find them. And, you will begin to see how the rules and principles apply to every aspect of business from marketing and sales to innovation and operations.

It is not rocket science to see mistakes in every layer of business management once you understand basic business physics—the apple will never fall up!

You want to really grow your business? You want to make your division, team, or group better? Start asking “What are the fundamental principles guiding what we are doing?” True principles at work everywhere, for every living thing, and across all layers of human interaction.

They exist, are worth knowing, and are worth discussing with your peers. Entire books have been written on many of them.

What core principles do you see in action?

By Tom (Thomas) Meloche –

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