You Can’t Understand Agile Without Understanding Hayek

“I just wanted to say that Hayek’s work on price theory is central to my own thinking about how to manage the Wikipedia project… one can’t understand my ideas about Wikipedia without understanding Hayek.” – Jimbo Wales

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Friedrich Hayek

When Hayek disagrees with Einstein, Hayek is probably correct.

Hayek was smarter than Einstein in at least one entirely profound way; he knew better than to argue Physics with Einstein. Einstein did not know better than to argue economics with Hayek.

Einstein made the same mistake we all make almost continuously, building a model of the universe and man’s role in it based on our ego and desires without examining the facts. Einstein argued economics from an emotional perspective, not from the math. This is a significant mistake.

If Einstein can so easily make this mistake imagine what that says about the rest of us.

Hayek based his theories on careful observations supported by the math. He described fundamental principles of the nature of information and how these principles can be applied to economics, politics, science, and religion.


Well, maybe you can, but your understanding will be severely limited.

You don’t have to like Hayek, you just need to read him. Most people don’t like Hayek because he points out quite clearly the limits of human knowledge, even the limits of scientific knowledge. Pointing out limits isn’t the best way to make friends and influence people.

Willing to take on perhaps the most profound writer in human history? Then give a shot at reading The Use of Knowledge in Society.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

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