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The co-founder of one of the most successful little agile software development houses in the country, Meloche has been creating, teaching and implementing agile methodologies for almost two decades. Tom consults on how to leverage ceremony to achieve higher levels of engagement and success. Now working at some of the worlds largest firms, he has overseen the delivery of hundreds of projects with budgets counted in the billions. To ensure projects are meeting real needs Tom establishes true metrics and leverages the secret power of ceremony.

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Meloche loves to share his knowledge and cutting-edge thoughts on ceremony, innovation, and secrets for building successful teams. His most recent best-selling direct marketing book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising was first published in 2011 by the Entrepreneur Press, with a second edition published in late 2014.

Born and raised in Detroit, Tom graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering.

In Tom’s words…

tom-24-transparentI consult, I coach, I teach, I speak…  I create ceremonies that make companies more effective and successful…  I build and sell software companies… and I thrive on innovation.

My passions include innovation, education, and enterprise agility.

I founded and sold Menlo Innovations,
wrote Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Perry Marshall and the updated version Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
consult for The Understanding Group,
and run Meloche Consulting Inc.

Agility and innovation are my hobbies. I believe we should approach everything with the idea it can be improved by at least 99%… we just need to figure out how. We probably have to change how we look at everything to get there.

I have worked at many of the worlds largest firms and have helped direct the delivery of over a billion dollars worth of agile software projects. My work on Ceremony addresses how these firms can be made even more productive in tiny non-threatening steps. I am always looking for ways to Level Up!

If you are an executive with a vision for real change, a vision to make your teams ‘rock’ then we should talk!  [Click to Contact Tom]