1 ̴ The Power of Ceremony

A foundation premise.

Secreted away inside of weddings, graduations, religious services, and sporting events are powerful techniques for dramatically increasing human performance—ways to grow productivity, strengthen relationships, and improve your bottom line.

The secret is ceremony.

For over two millennia, ceremony has demonstrated its power to transform our world. It is a primary tool in religions, militaries, schools, and governments. Yet executives, entrepreneurs, and front-line managers can not formally describe what ceremony is, how it works, or how it may be leveraged in their organizations.

Ceremony as an organizing strategy remains almost entirely unknown in the business world, completely missed by an entire generation of business success gurus. But there is hope. For two decades ceremony has been making a resurgence within the Agile transformation community. It is there where your authors have been quietly rediscovering its power. We now share the most important element of what we have learned with you.

Does your staff come to work because they love what they do, or simply because they are paid? Ceremony builds a workplace people love.

Do people look forward to attending your meetings, or do they sneak out of at the first opportunity? Ceremony creates productive meetings people look forward to attending.

Are your people focused, or do they feel pulled in one hundred different directions? Ceremony provides stability in the midst of change.

Do you need to raise productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs, all at the same time? Ceremony is a strategy for doing all three. And it can be deployed in tiny, incremental, low-risk steps.

Ceremony is humanity’s true magic. It is our heritage. Rediscover its power.


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